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HDLM for Linux last version. Where to download?

Question asked by Wagner Vmar on Sep 4, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2013 by Cris Danci

Dear friends,


We are installing a new server with Oracle-Linux 6.4 and also HDLM. Our version avaliable of HDLM is 7.5. We need the last version of HDLM and via downloads option of portal HDS, i can't find version above 7.5, just older ones (Please see bellow). Avaliable versions there seems older than my 7.5.


Probably i'm doing something wrong. Where to download latest versions of HDLM? And "service pack" means full version or it's just a package for fix issues?


Summarizing, i need more recent full version of HDLM


Thanks for any tip.