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VSP disks not recognized by AIX

Question asked by Wagner Vmar on Sep 3, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2013 by Kees Doene



After running "cfgmgr" to AIX recognize for the first time our new VSP disks, we couldn't find any disk. Zonning is ok, hostgroup and disks also ok.


Some details:


- We are still in "test" phase, so at this moment we don't have HDLM installed in this machines. Right now, we running Powerpath from EMC.


- AIX machine still have EMC disks. It will be discontinued after our VSP tests are successful.


- We know that Powerpath can handle VSP disks.


- We have a dedicated HBA zonned to VSP controllers.


- We are trying to deliver only two discs to test our infrastructure.


Summarizing: in this test phase, we need that AIX recognize two VSP disks even with our EMC infra (powerpath and EMC packages) installed  and running on this machine.


We need to install some additional AIX packages to recognize this disks? If yes, which packages and where to get it? Our AIX is 5.3.


Thanks for any answer and sorry my english.