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Where/howto to get raidcom

Question asked by Sebastian Dobre on Jul 25, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2013 by Dang Luong

First before you start I know ... all been there and all say google that.. however, I cannot find the answer to this one to the end of my days I jumped into an organization without too many HDS admins and decided I will be the one taking on this challenge as I had some previous EMC (please don boo) experience.


What I discovered is a beautiful community that I am thankful for and a so,so support (don't tell me been there done that).


What I need to know is ... where the hell do one get RAIDCOM ? I've downloaded Hitachi Command Suite 7.1 and it's not included and it's not included in my current CCI.


I need to script things and not check Storage Navigator everytime I need something.


Thank you all for your replies and hopefully there are more HDS guys in Toronto then me (if not please let me know so I can increase my consultancy rates:) )