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What are the options are there for creating a cci user for vmware srm to manage its own pair splits/resyncs?

Discussion created by tom kroeten on Jul 24, 2013
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We have a colocation site where we use hur to replicate data for about a dozen applications and growing.  One of these is vmware.  Up until now, split and resync has been managed  by our midrange storage guys.  We'd like to be able to have SRM manage its own splits and resyncs.  SRM reauires a login for the aix cci server and the hrocm number instance.


I was directed to the cci user and reference guide, specifically chapter 7 data protection operations for how to create a login that can only act on the vmware pairs.  It's a bit muddy.


Looking for anyone who has direct experience working with SRM and cci.


thanks for your time