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Command Suite 7.5 with Tuning Manager - TM does not see storage - CS has error - There is no cooperating agent

Question asked by Mike Romano on Jul 22, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2013 by Mike Romano

Thank you in advance - this has been driving me crazy for over a week and finally decided that I need some help


Ok here it goes


Saw that new software came out - decided to build new server for this release - as the old one was sloppy install


Both these Command Suites and Tuning Managers are on VMware - Windows 2008 R2 machines

*The old software 7.2 on the old server is still working*


Existing HUS150

Did the one click install from the package - installed Command Suite and Tuning Manger

Registered my licenses

In Command Suite added my storage

In Command Suite added my Hosts - Agentless

Downloaded the TM Agent CD from Hitachi Support Portal

Installed the following agents on the VM server that has both Command Suite and Tuning Manager installed - Basically here is the entire list

HBase Agent

HCS All in One Uninstaller

Hitachi Command Suite

Hitachi Device Manager agent

Hitachi Storage Navigator Modular 2

Hitachi Tuning Manager

Hitachi Tuning Manger - Agent for RAID

Hitachi Tuning Manager - Agent for Server System

Host Data Collector


Now everything is pretty much as expect to this point and no issues -

Command Suite see's the storage fine - tasks are fine - host information is fine - LUN - everything is perfect


*Then Start the Tuning Manager*



So I did a manual Data Poll


Still no Storage Systems


All I have under polling is

My Windows host with related agent

And the HDvM - that has NO agent associated with it


*I also do not see any of the Agentless hosts - but that's not a concern at this point*


Under the Analytics of the Command Suite I have this message under the Health Check Viable for the storage system

"There is no cooperating agent. Refresh the storage systems after confirming that Tuning Manager is monitoring the storage systems"


Now I have downloaded every document in the library on this version of the software - but can not find anything that relates to this issue


And by this point I have brain lock


Under my old server when I look at the polling it shows

HDvM only - and that one has the agent as the windows host


So Like I said I am missing something - and just need a few suggestions on where to look - go - very frustrated at this point


Thanks Again