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Tape Support with the HDIM Repository

Question asked by Tony Cerqueira Employee on Jul 15, 2013

1-Q.       Can we use HDIM to backup to tapes from the HDIM Repository with a full backup, so we can restore data from Tapes to the restore destination (Source Node)?

2-Q.       Can we write to multiple tapes at the same time? i.e., with a 200TB backup, it would be impossible to just write to one tape at a time.

3-Q.       If not,  we can have 10 repositories (Storage Groups) on a single machine, so each storage group can write to one tape drive each?


1-Answer.       Yes (we can restore from tape to source)

2-Answer.       Yes, we can perform multiple ‘repository to tape’ backups simultaneously. (Obviously to multiple tape drives)

3-Answer.       You can do this instead as well. If you are able to utilize different disk sets this will help with performance and would be the preferred solution.