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Hitachi TrueCopy paircreate EX_CMDRJE

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Apr 13, 2011
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Originally posted by: Ranjit

Hi all,
I am trying to establish replication of Hitachi luns using TrueCopy. I have masked only the Command Device to the management server. The production hosts are seeing the data luns. I changed the "Raid Manager protect" flag to "Disabled" for this.
I am able to see the status of the luns using pairdisplay:
C:\HORCM\etc>pairdisplay -g htc1
Group PairVol(L/R) (Port#,TID, LU),Seq#,LDEV#.P/S,Status,Fence,Seq#,P-LDEV# M
htc1 htc1_000(L) (CL2-B , 1, 327) 5214 327.SMPL ---- ------,----- ----- -
htc1 htc1_000® (CL2-B , 1, 232) 8147 232.SMPL ---- ------,----- ----- -
htc1 htc1_001(L) (CL2-B , 1, 328) 5214 328.SMPL ---- ------,----- ----- -
htc1 htc1_001® (CL2-B , 1, 233) 8147 233.SMPL ---- ------,----- ----- -
htc1 htc1_002(L) (CL2-B , 1, 329) 5214 329.SMPL ---- ------,----- ----- -
htc1 htc1_002® (CL2-B , 1, 234) 8147 234.SMPL ---- ------,----- ----- -

But when I issue paircreate, it fails with an error:
C:\HORCM\etc>paircreate -g htc1 -vl -f data
paircreate: [EX_CMDRJE] An order to the control/command device was rejected
Refer to the command log(C:\HORCM\log2\horcc_vcslx087vm1_log.txt) for details.
It was rejected due to SKEY=0x05, ASC=0x95, SSB=0x8400,0x0032 on Serial#(5214)

The log doesn't contain much info:
CMDLINE : paircreate -g htc1 -vl -f data
11:43:47-dac00-02920- ERROR:cm_sndrcv[rc<0 from HORCM]
11:43:47-dac00-02920- [paircreate] L_CMD(CREATEPAIR) ERROR :rc = -35
11:43:47-dac00-02920- [paircreate][exit(221)]
[EX_CMDRJE] An order to the control/command device was rejected
[Cause ]: An order to the command(control) device failed,or was rejected.
[Action]:Please confirm the following items.If this trouble doesn't resolve,then collect HORCM error logs(HORCM_LOG=C:\HORCM\log2\curlog) and Remote HORCM logs,and send them to service personnel.
(1) Check if the 'HORC or HOMRCF function' is installed in the RAID.
(2) Check if the RCP and LCP are installed in the RAID.
(3) Check if the path between the RAID CUs is established by using the SVP.
(4) Check if the pair target volume is an appropriate status.

I've checked that the 4 items listed above are satisfied.

Can someone help me here?

Thanks in adv