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HAM/HDLM Question (two servers?)

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Nov 8, 2012
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Originally posted by: Samuel


im on the begining of HDLM. One example:
Server 1 with 1 LUN in Storagebox 1 und 2. HDLM and HAM are up and running.

Is it possible to setup a failoverserver for that luns? HAM make a failover if pathes or storageboxes are broken - i know.

Server 1
StorageBox 1  StorageBox 2
Disk 1                 Disk1

HAM make a failover if one storage for whatever reason is out/gone.
But i need a failover server for "Server 1" and that server have to have also "Disk 1" and "Disk 1" from both Storageboxes. But he dosent have to controll pathes in case of raidmanager. Server 2 should not do anything in that time as he is Up (Standby), only after a failure of "Server 1"