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Expanding a DP-Vol

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Apr 11, 2010
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Originally posted by: Pauld D. Hunter

We have been accustomed to expanding volumes by using the LUSE feature to add more space to Windows 2003 servers. It has worked out well and we've had no problems with it. Now we are installing a USPV and are planning on using HDP for all of our volumes. My question is if I allocate a DP-Vol, say 200GB, and a year from now I want to grow it to be 300GB,is there a non-disruptive way to do it?

I see how to do it but how do you manage the free space ? Do you always reserve some free space behind the ldev so you can grow it or do you/can you migrate the DP_Vol so there will be space behind it?

Is anybody managing the DP volumes so there is unallocated room for growth behind it?