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Filter component with CDA and server-side search

Question asked by Tibor Heja on Sep 12, 2018


I'm trying to set up a CDA datasource for a Filter component with server-side search. The documentation I says:

Server-side Search

You may be interested in delegating to the server the task of filtering the items. To do so, you will need to:

  • write a CDA query that accepts a parameter searchBox and that takes responsability for any filtering e.g. SELECT optionID,optionLabel FROM myTable WHERE optionLabel LIKE '${searchBox}';
  • as mentioned in filter reference page add the following section in Advanced Settings: component: { search: { serverSide: true } }


The server-side is switched on, I tried to make the query work with parameter.

My problems:

  • when I give empty default value to the parameter in the CDA query at the time of init of the dashboard, the query get all the 6000 row from the database and make it localy available.
  • if I limit the page-size in the component params, the search doesn't go trough that page-limit.
  • if I give any default to the search-parameter, I can't override that with the search in the components search-box

My Pentaho version is 7.1 CE.

How can I check the server-side setting is correct, what I made?


Any help is appreciated.