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Automating CDA cache update with KTR populated data service

Question asked by Clifford Grimm Employee on Aug 23, 2018

I have data that is obtainable from a KTR running on a Pentaho Server.  It is writing to a Data Service.  KTR is on a schedule to update the Data Service periodically.  In CTools dashboard I have a DATASERVICES Query data source of type "sql over data services". And then use this data service for data in a CDE developed dashboard.  The data does show up in the dashboard.


I would like to use the caching capabilities in CDA, but as soon as I turn it on in the data source, I can't seem to find the correct configuration to get it to update say every 10 minutes.  I tried to observe the update via opening the CDA for the dashboard, and also by using "preview" of the dashboard in the CDE editor as well as re-opening the dashboard in the CDE editor.  Still old data.


If anyone knows of some white paper or other documentation that describes the caching via CDA and how it maps to the CDE editor configuration for a dashboard, it would be greatly appreciated.


Here are some things I noticed and messed with:


  1) In CDE data sources, turned on "Cache" to TRUE, and set the "Cache Duration" to 1 (don't know the granularity of this setting).  Didn't do anything with the Cache Key setting as have no idea what to put.  Only way to get the cache to update is to clear the cache from the CDA Cache Manager.

  2) In CDA, clicked on "Cache This" and it allowed me to scheduled something.  So made that really aggressive and did it every minute.  But again, nothing updated.  I made sure that in the CDA Cache Manager screen that it was updating saying it was running.  But again, no idea what it is updating.


Any help on getting CDA Caching working would be greatly appreciated!