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Long running job finishes prematurely without error

Question asked by John Sterritt on Aug 17, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2018 by Diego Mainou

I have a long running job that performs some batch processing. The basic structure of the job has two transformations one that accepts a start and an end date, and breaks up the date range into hourly increments. The resulting rows are then used to drive another transformation where I have enabled the option to 'Execute for every input row'. The job runs successfully without error, but only processes a subset of the incoming rows. Usually running for 1-2 days before prematurely ending.


For example. Given a start date of '2017/01/01 00:00' and end date '2018/01/01 00:00' the job may stop processing on hourly increment '2017/09/03 09:00 - 2018/09/03 10:00'. There are no errors, and I have verified that the incoming hourly increments are complete going from 2017/01/01 to 2018/01/01.


Any help or ideas on how to trouble shoot this issue would be greatly appreciated.