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parameterized query, how to control visibility of the component

Question asked by Ekaterina Beskhlebnova on Aug 9, 2018

Hi all! I have some questions.

Question №1:

I have one dashboard, it has several multiple select component, one button and one table component. I need to select an item on the multiple component and press the button, after that the data should be sent through the parameter in the query to the table. But I have some problems showing data from a table. I have some parameters, which is listening data in the multiple select component and I have some query like this:


where (type_name = (${first_par))

but my table on the dashboard is empty. what am I doing wrong?

Question №2: how can I control the visibility of components?  I want  that one component to be shown only by selecting a specific parameter in the other component. How I can do this?

Question №3: where is I can find official documentation on pentaho cde and ctools? on this page: I can't find anything usefull. I watch youtube video, but this is just a little new information for me.