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Login token XXXX is invalid or has expired

Question asked by Raghavendra Malve on Aug 6, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2018 by Brandon Jackson



Trying to extract data from Birst system ( cloud based dashboard and reporting system) which exposes data via SOAP API.


I'm able to generate the Login token using "webservice lookup" step. When I pass the same token to another "webservice lookup" step , I get the below error message.


Login token XXXX is invalid or has expired


The same works fine in SOAPUI when I manually run these API.


Message from Birst:
User login token has a validity of 10 minutes, so one need to make at least probing request like getjob/space status to keep same session alive. Apart from that Birst User Sessions are tied to particular server & this information resides in memory, One has to do cookie management in their web services code so that load balancer will redirect subsequent request from user to the same server from where the login token was issued originally.


How do we do cookie management in pdi?


Appreciate any help.




    • Brandon Jackson

      Cookie and session management in PDI is not possible in the current steps.  The most you can do in PDI using the native steps is pass header information around.


      What we did to get around these limitations is to use python and bash scripts which use curl or wget.  Those utilities have parameters that allow saving sessions and cookies to disk making them available for subsequent calls.  Then we parse the downloaded file (the result of the call) and go from there.


      Remember...  transformations have steps that can execute in parallel.  The only sequencing of activities in an absolute basis come from job steps.  So handling timeouts of sessions and all that needs to be done periodically.


      Hope that helps.