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Pentaho 8.1 - CDE - SQL OVER JNDI

Question asked by Manuel Besoain on Aug 3, 2018



I am testing Pentaho 8.1 and I found that if you try to pass/use a parameter from a SQLJNDI definition, it will not work. Error is:

- Dashboard:

Error processing component (lineChart)

- Catalina.out

03-Aug-2018 10:42:36.735 SEVERE [ajp-nio-8009-exec-2] com.sun.jersey.spi.container.ContainerResponse.logException Mapped exception to response: 501 pt.webdetails.cda.dataaccess.QueryException: Parameter metadata not available for the given statement


I found this on Google:

Dashboards - SqlOverJndi parameter error with MariaDB


It seems that Pentaho8.1 has some issues using this feature.


Does anybody found a solution?