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pentaho REST call <jobScheduleRequest> parameter type

Question asked by Nicole Erbe on Jul 27, 2018

I am using pentaho PDI The task is to schedule several
pentaho reports with different parameters and move the result to a
certain file resource. I have started with a simple two steps
transformation: "GenerateRows" and "RestClientScheduleJobRequest". The
first passes XML to the second step to call the URL of a pentaho report
and schedule the execution. Here's the XML:

<jobParameters> <name>Param_von_Datum</name>

I have several questions how to build the XML appropriately, mainly
this is because I did not find further details in the documentations:

  1. What values can "uiPassParameter" have?
  2. What values does the "repeatCount" value need to have or can have? Here it is set to -1: What does it mean?
  3. Which options do I have for the job type? E.g. here it's a "simpleJobTrigger" and in another example I found "".
  4. Which values might the jobParameters have? I assume here I can pass
    parameters for the reports execution? For example in case the report has
    two date fields "from" and "to". How do I have to specify them?

Is there a resource where to find at least the specifications for the fields? What I found so far:

Any help is appreciated!!
Many thanks