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HUR target won't mount

Question asked by Jim Staszko on Jul 20, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2018 by Robert Trujillo

We have a pair of G800's running a support (not latest) level of code.  We are using Device Manage to manage our HUR pairs and have DR tests on a regular basis but have never seen this issue.


We break the pairs and enable writes on the target LDEVs.  When we try to mount them on a physical server running Windows 2012 r2 it blue screens at boot with a can't write to disk error.


We have tried a resync.  Rebuilt and replicated the pairs.  Same issue.  The source LDEVs are mounted on like hardware and running / booting without issue.


We have run these fail over / fail back test numerous times (this is actually the fail back following a fail over from a month ago) and never had these issues.


Has anyone seen this before?  Any suggestions?