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Dashboard Performance Pentaho 6.0.1

Question asked by B611C8DW on Jul 11, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2018 by Carlos Russo

I have a CDE dashboard developed with Pentaho CE 6.0.1 with 4 line charts. My plugins are updated.

Our dataset is a SQL Server database with millions of records (near to 80 millions).

The BA Server is running in a cloud enviroment as the database as well and queries in database motor run at very few seconds.

The dashboard performance is very poor, it takes almost 2 minutes to full load. I tried to remove 3 of the charts and leave only the principal but the load times didn't change at all.

Do you think I need a big data approach for this amount of data?

Can you please help me providing me some performance tuning tips in order to improve this behavior? Any help is appreciated!