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raidcom get drive failed. Why?

Question asked by Maksym Tatarenko on Jul 9, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2018 by Maksym Tatarenko


# /usr/bin/ 3

starting HORCM inst 3

HORCM inst 3 starts successfully.


# raidcom -login maintenance ****pass***

# raidcom lock resource -resource_name meta_resource

# raidcom get resource

RS_GROUP RGID stat Lock_owner Lock_host Serial#

meta_resource 0 Locked maintenance pms1 480223


# raidcom get drive

raidcom: [EX_CMDRJE] An order to the control/command device was rejected

It was rejected due to SKEY=0x05, ASC=0x26, ASCQ=0x00, SSB=0x2EFF,0xFF00 on Serial#(480223)

CAUSE : Please see User's Guide.


[root@pms1 ~]# raidcom get command_status

HANDLE SSB1 SSB2 ERR_CNT Serial# Description

00c5 - - 0 480223 -


Other commands is ok. Problem only with get drive. Why?