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Passing parameters to reporting output step

Question asked by Dean Flinter on Jul 6, 2018
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I've rarely used this step and when I have I didn't need to pass parameters.


I'm having trouble with some parameters and can't seem to find more info on how exactly to pass certain types of parameters.


I have a report where I need to pass various options for 4 parameters. 2 of them are date fields, 1 is an integer (although in the PRD I have a display value formula that represents the 1/0 options as Yes and No) and the last parameter is a string value but it is a multi value parameter


I am using a data grid step to define the report location, output location and parameters.


In the reporting output step, if I simply pass the 2 date parameters, with no others listed, it works perfectly. However if I then try to add the integer param and try to pass 1 or 0, the output file is empty.


Separately, I am not sure how to pass a list to the string parameter e.g. Brazil, France....


Can anyone give me some advice on what I am doing wrong and also how to deal with the string param?