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How do I change dynamic column names before outputting to a file?

Question asked by B719W4FS on Jul 3, 2018

So I am querying a MySQL database to SELECT * from a variety of tables, one at a time from a list of tables. Before I output the contents of that table to a CSV (Text File Output step), I need to change the column names to uppercase, removing spaces, that kindof thing.


The problem is, I can't use the normal method of a Select Values step because I don't know what the column names will be.


So far I have attempted to use Metadata Structure to get the list of columns, use String operations steps to get the correct column names, and pass that into a sub-transformation that does the SELECT * and then Text File Output, using Metadata Injection. But when I specify the new column names as the OUTPUT_FIELDNAME under the Metadata Injection, the sub-transformation complains that those column names don't exist in the stream when it selects from the table (obviously, I'm trying to rename them).


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!