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Reason of Hitachi Data Ingestion 6.4.2  MNG0 Virtual IP Fluctuations between processing nodes

Question asked by Ajay Punjabi on Jun 28, 2018

Reason of Hitachi Data Ingestion 6.4.2  MNG0 VIP Fluctuations between processing nodes.


We have Two Physical Nodes HDI Diskless Appliance configured with Three  CIFS share and corresponding file-systems.  HDI is accessing SAN from VSP-G1500 storage . We have noticed that MNG0 interface virtual IP after some time it gets moved to First Node of Cluster . 


This is impacting the interface access of HCP migration task configured on Hitachi File Services manager.


When we select physical node-2 under migration task we get a ERROR " An attempt to start MTM has failed"


Need your comments and inputs if you have seen similiar issue in HDI clusters.   Client access network is working fine.


The default behavior of MNG0 virtual IP is not clear to me.


Is it not possible to HOST  Even number of CIFS file-systems and balance the LOAD on Both processing nodes. if we can do this technically then WHY Migration task wizard is not working as expected.

Need to understand limitations of resource group configuration of HDI.