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AEL Error resolving artifact pentaho:pentaho-osgi-config:cfg:pentaho-kerberos:

Question asked by Kleyson Rios on Jun 4, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2018 by Kleyson Rios

Hi Guys,


I'm trying to use AEL (Pentaho 8.1.0) against a Hortonworks cluster HDP 2.6.3.


My HDP cluster were configured with Kerberos + Ranger, but as we are creating a PoC with Pentaho CE, we disabled the kerberos security layer (using the button "Disable Kerberos" from Ambari interface).


Then after the kerberos disabled, the needed files were copied again from the cluster to the AEL edge node.


A very simple transformation is able to run, however is taking 3 minutes to finish as well as throwing a lot of error messages in the deamon log.


Daemon log (full log attached)



2018-05-30 17:16:20.094  INFO 19325 --- [launcher-proc-1]      : 17:16:20,092 ERROR [KarafCapability] Unknown error installing feature

2018-05-30 17:16:20.094  INFO 19325 --- [launcher-proc-1]      : Error resolving artifact pentaho:pentaho-osgi-config:cfg:pentaho-kerberos: Could not find artifact pentaho:pentaho-osgi-config:cfg:pentaho-kerberos: in karaf-system (file:/home/pentaho/data-integration/system/karaf/system/)


Spoon log


2018/05/30 17:16:09 - Spoon - Transformation opened.

2018/05/30 17:16:09 - Spoon - Launching transformation [Teste]...

2018/05/30 17:16:09 - Spoon - Started the transformation execution.

2018/05/30 17:18:54 - Hadoop File Input.0 - Hadoop File Input initialized successfully

2018/05/30 17:18:54 - Hadoop File Output.0 - Hadoop File Output initialized successfully

2018/05/30 17:19:08 - Spoon - The transformation has finished!!

2018/05/30 17:19:08 - Teste - Finalizing execution: Transformation Complete Successfully



I've used AEL with Hortonworks before, but without any kind of Kerberos configuration.


I'm wondering if the error might be caused because the cluster is configured to use Kerberos, even it being disabled, and the deamon is trying to start some feature related to kerberos, but as I'm using CE edition the feature/jar is not available.


Best Regards.

Kleyson Rios.