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HDLM on Solaris 10 x64

Question asked by Legacy HDS Forums on Sep 1, 2006
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Originally posted by: specg

Well here is a question.  It seems that I am getting different information from different sources.  A vendor I normally deal with has contacted HDS about HDLM support on Solaris 10 x64.  We have a Sun v40z.  I have contact the vendor at the same time as opening up a ticket with HDS itself.

Vendor says HDLM for Solaris 10 x64 (opteron cores) does not exist.
HDS told me that I should be ok with HDLM 5.8.

I'm sure I will get this resolved.

Anyways, to my main point.  I love the HDS website for the infromation that it provides, but I do feel that it lacks in certain areas.

Case in point about HDLM.  Realistically the only information I can find on the HDS website is a PDF with a blurb about the product.  I still can't find anything about compatability or a matrix of supported systems.  Now I do realize that there are a lot of variables involved for support of a system: Array, Switches, HBA, OS, drivers.    It leaves a customer like me in the dark when researching which route to go, HDLM or Veritas Storage Foundation.  It seems that the only place to get that information about what is supported is after I have purchased the product.  Yes working with my vendor/HDS Support works too, but unfrotunately I have nothing concrete or easily accessible on the web.   It would be nice to have maybe an area for customers to be able to login and have easier access to information and compatablilty matrix's of the various Arrays, switches, HBA's etc.

Just a thought/rant.