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HCI Webexs and Demos

Discussion created by Troy Myers Employee on May 19, 2018
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Below are several links to Demo WebEx's we ( Professional Services) created for HCI.  Each is about 5 minutes or so. I wanted to put them all in one place as they are scattered about the community.  I will continue to update and modify this as we create more of these. 


HCI Dataconnectors-20171226 1423-1.mp4


HCI index options-20171224 1534-2.mp4


Splunk HCI Demo-20171222 1622-1.mp4


GDPR custom metadata tagging and actions stage-20180101 1626-1.mp4


HCI Hadoop Demo-20171102 1956-1.mp4


HCI replace  stage-20180102 2024-1.mp4


HCI workflow settings-20171226 1359-1.mp4


NAS to HCP migrations-20171222 1636-1.mp4


HCI CIFS logs  with read lines and parser-20180114 1358-1.mp4