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Does the active transformation exist as Java object?

Question asked by Isha Lamboo on May 14, 2018

Does the active/running job/transformation exist as an object that can be used in java/javascript code?


I have an existing set of template-style jobs and transformations (made by someone else) that makes heavy use of parameters and variables that are loaded from databases at runtime (often in multiple steps). For debugging and analysis purposes I would like to save or log copies of the transformations as they are at runtime, so that I can open them in Spoon and see what was executed, rather than extracting all of the variables from the log and manually plugging in all the values for each sub-job and transformation.


I know that PDI has Job and Trans objects with a nice "GetXML()" method, so I am hoping to use that to write out the XML to file, but I have no clue if the running transformation itself has such an object and what it might be named.