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Step Get Mails (Job) -> Get Attachment MIME Type

Question asked by Lucas Goncalez on May 8, 2018
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I'm trying to get a daily email with attachment, but the email attachment comes in mime type.

Does anyone know if pentaho does not interpret the mime type attachment?

In this case, the step does not return any attachments, even if there is one.


Name:  mim type.JPG Views: 45 Size:  10.3 KB

--> This is how the attachment looks in webmail.


Name:  firefox attachment.JPG Views: 45 Size:  11.8 KB--> his is how the attachment looks in thunderbird.


Name:  step in pentaho.jpg Views: 45 Size:  18.0 KB --> This is the part of step Get Mails in pentaho.


Someone help? Thanks!