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MonetDB Bulk Loader issue (again ! now with Pentaho CE 8 with MonetDB 5 (Jul 2017 and Mar 2018)

Question asked by Gilles Simler on May 3, 2018

MonetDB Bulk Loader issue: Hasn't this bug been fixed a few versions ago ???



I am using the latest versions of Pentaho CE (8.0) and MonetDB (mserver5 v11.29.3 "Mar 2018").


The issue I am having is exactly the same as the one posted on this post (Google Groups ) back in 2014, which apparently was fixed in PDI 5.4.0 as specified on JIRA here: [PDI-12278] MonetDB Bulk Loader error with MonetDB Jan 2014-SP2 bugfix release - Pentaho Platform Tracking


Can someone pick this up again? This is causing me a major headache as the connection to MonetDB keeps getting flushed and my remediation right now is to remap and reload manually...


FYI I tried to recompile form the code (as per this blog ( MonetDB bulk loader and PDI | Ubiquis Consulting ) a couple of times but keep getting a snag with the json package. I tried, wasted too much time and now I am reaching out for help.


Can anyone help?


Thank you in advance!