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Amazon Redshift Connection issues

Question asked by Ben Pusey on Apr 3, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2018 by Ben Pusey

Has anyone managed to get recurring ETL jobs working reliably with AWS Redshift?

I've got Spoon working with Redshift locally but it periodically throws "Amazon(500150) Error setting/closing connection: Not Connected" errors. A restart of Spoon usually fixes the issue. Oddly, even when it's throwing the error, the "test connection" option and the checkDB job step both say everything is ok.

I've got daily jobs deployed on a remote server, they work for a day or two then start throwing the same error.


Some googling has lead me to suspect that this is an issue with either the JDBC drivers AWS provide or their connection management.


Does anyone have any pointers? Specific driver versions, connection settings, anything that you've found makes the connection reliable?


Any ideas very much appreciated