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CFR - How to access this.dashboard from a callback?

Question asked by Dan Keeley on Mar 23, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2018 by Joana Carvalho

The CFR file upload component has a success callback - the code looks like this:


success: this.successCallback || fileUploadedCallback,


So; Firstly that means I can't override the default fileUploadedCallback right?  Certainly that's what's happening, it DOES call my callback, but then does the other one too!


Secondly; When the successCallback is called, it has no access to the this.dashboard.* object.  It's undefined. Is that normal?  So that means I cannot access my parameter values, or do anything useful.


If so, how am I supposed to hook in, get other parameter values, and perform an action after the file is uploaded?


If I can get this all working, happy to write it all up - CFR is really quite handy, but it seems there's not a lot of info out there.


There is another option:

but that seems overkill given CFR is already doing all this!