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Exporting standard table to formated excel file

Question asked by Glupe Registracije on Mar 12, 2018



we are using standard button component with expression:


function f(){  

   render_OurStandardTableComponentName.queryState.exportData('xls', null,

    {filename:'test.xls',exportPage:false } 




...and export works fine. Now we would like to add some formating to the exported file, and sum eventually.

In order to do so we put template:'template_file_name.xls'

option in the function above (between filename and exportPage).


By using excel we created template_file_name.xls with some heading, few empty lines and formated table.

Excel "format as table" option automatically generated table headings as Column1-Column4 and every even row had different background.


Now when we export to xls, Column1-Column4 is still there, and bellow that row, two table headers (our test table has two column and 5 rows), and bellow them rows of data.



As you can see, there is no background in any of table rows.

We would like to apply total for column2 on cell B11.


What would be the best way to implement formatted export?

How to use excel template functionality properly?

Is there info/explanation about exportData functions parameters usage?

Any example would be of great help?