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Relation between number of rows and number of REST calls

Question asked by Carlos Alba on Mar 9, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2018 by Dean Flinter


I'm having a problem with the number of REST calls (using the REST client) that are being made in my transformation.

My transformation receives 4 rows, so is executed 4 times. I have check it putting some logs in the transformation, showing the values of this rows.

Once I receive a row, I made an edit of the information using Javascript and creating the JSON for the REST call.

I have a log just before of making every REST call, showing the relevant information that is going to be send in the call.

In resume: I receive the rows, then I manage the JSON in a js step (that saves the JSON in an output var) and, finally, I make the REST call using this JSON.

So the problem comes now:

I need 4 calls (or one for each incoming row), but the transformation only sends two.

I don't know what is happening, because if I put an Alert into the js, this Alert shows the correct information for every iteration of the transformation.

I've read that the iterations of the transformation are being executed in parallel, so can this be the reason of this behaveour?

Why is the REST client sending only two calls if it receives 4 JSON?

In what "param" is based the REST client to decide the number of calls that it sends?

Thanks you so much!