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UR problem paircreation

Question asked by Lars Johansson-Jozic on Mar 11, 2018
Latest reply on May 29, 2018 by Robert Trujillo

I am having some issues when using CCI and Universal replication.
Replication has been setup between a VSP G400 (primary) and VSP G200 (secondary).
I am using 2 horcm files; one for each storage array.


I have so far only been able to create 2 groups and replicated them properly. When trying to create a third group I get an [EX_CMDJRE] error.
Here is the syntax I have used:

C:\HORCM\etc\paircreate -ITC10 -pvol -f async -c 15 -jp 0 -js 0 -g xxx
(where xxx is the name of group specified in the horcm files)

C:\HORCM\etc\paircreate -ITC10 -pvol -f async -c 15 -jp 1 -js 1 -g xxx
Second syntax used above (here I had to specify the other journal volume ids, there are currently just 2 journal volumes)
I read some post about that I need to specify CTG ID (exmple below), and that it should be used when more groups is added and using the same journal volume.
paircreate -g <dev_group> -vl -f async <ctgid> -IH<#> -jp <id> -js <id>

My question is what goes wrong? And if i do a pairdisplay with -v ctg then i can see first group is using CTG id 000 and the other group using CTG 001, so how can I know what CTG id I can use? Am I on the right track here even?