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Parameters on Sunburst Chart

Question asked by Tony Johnson on Feb 28, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2018 by Tony Johnson

Hi all,

Could someone try and point me in the right direction? I am using 7.1 and have created a dashboard with two sections.

I am successfully picking up selections from the main (Sunburst) chart and rendering a bar chart based on the click, but only for one of the dimensions of the sunburst chart. I cannot figure out how to pass the selection for both dimensions of the sunburst. Images of the charts are attached.  I can render the bar chart based on a click on the inner ring, but if I use the outer ring for a more fine grained selection..... the bar wont render (blank) and I am confused as to how to acheive this.

Second problem is that selection on the centre of the sunburst (All Members) results in a failed selection/click and again a blank bar chart.


My click action is here:

function d(wedge){




Any pointers would be welcome.  Thanks

Tony Johnson