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TNS Error connecting to Oracle Database

Question asked by Jeremiah Tamagna-Darr on Feb 14, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2018 by Jeremiah Tamagna-Darr

I am getting a TNS error when trying to connect to one of our databases.  I am able to connect with SQL Plus and SQL Developer but in configuring Data Integration connection I get the following error:


Error connecting to database: (using class oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver) Listener refused the connection with the following error: ORA-12505, TNS:listener does not currently know of SID given in connect descriptor   org.pentaho.di.core.exception.KettleDatabaseException: 


Error occurred while trying to connect to the database.



The database I am connecting to is Oracle 12c and I have the TNS file updated with the correct entries.  Does anyone have any guidance on this problem?