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PDI Table output - How to take table backup before pushing the output to the table

Question asked by Heena Kaushik Employee on Feb 11, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2018 by Diego Mainou

We are using Pentaho PDI data integration to run transformation and output the data to  oracle database table. But before uploading the files to the database table I want to

  • Delete old backup table.
  • Create a new backup table using data from old table
  • Then upload the file in the database

Example use case– Ideally The output of the above ktr file goes to the table Endpoint_Vulndata for endpoint.

But updating the endpoint_vulndata table we want to delete table Endpoint_vulndata_backup (which was created in earlier) and create a new table called as Endpoint_vulndata_backup from existing Endpoint_vulndata table.

How do i achieve this using Execute SQL script step.