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Using ETL Metadata Injection with Value Mapper

Question asked by Gordon Hollingworth on Feb 12, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2018 by Johan Hammink

Fellow DI'ers,


Can anyone simply explain how I can use 'Value Mapper' with 'ETL Metadata Injection' (if indeed this is the correct way to go).


Here is my issue;


a) I am loading an Excel Spreadsheet with multiple columns.  One of these columns I wish to change the values based on a lookup table.

b) In test I have connected the Value Mapper element and manually entered a few source/dest changes.  Value Mapper Works fine for a few values, however;

c) I wish to do the value mapping on a larger database lookup table feeding Value Mapper with all the source and destination changes.


I've lost count the number of ETL Metadata Injection examples I have run through but I cannot figure this out.  I am sure it is very straight forward and I am probably missing a simple step.


Any assistance would be gratefully received.