Matheus Figueiredo

Change HTML sent to dashboard style

Discussion created by Matheus Figueiredo on Jan 30, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2018 by Paulo Pires

How can I customize the generated HTML which is sent to the defined dashboard style?


I know I can customize or even create new styles by editing or adding files to in the "/system/pentaho-cdf-dd/resources/styles" (or event in the repository). But this is only a high-level structure. I'd like to change the code which is passed to the @CONTENT@ variable.


Is that possible? My dashboard type is bootstrap.


BTW, I don't want to make any significant changes. Just like to change the outer <div class=container> to <div class="container-fluid">, so that my dashboards can spread to 100% of the window width. I know I can change that with JQuery, just think there could be a better way to do that.