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Public folders for dashboards

Question asked by Dejan Gambin on Jan 25, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2018 by Dejan Gambin

I am trying to enable anonymous access to specific dashboards on Pentaho 8.0. I followed the post: Public folders for dashboards and have tried something similar by modifying applicationContext-spring-security.xml like:



        <sec:intercept-url pattern="\A/getresource.*\Z" access="Anonymous,Authenticated" />

        <!-- enable anonymous access to dashboards -->

        <sec:intercept-url pattern="\A/plugin/cda/api/doquery.*\Z" access="Anonymous,Authenticated" />

        <sec:intercept-url pattern="\A/content/pentaho-cdf.*\Z" access="Anonymous,Authenticated" />

        <sec:intercept-url pattern="\A/content/pentaho-cdf-dd/.public.\Z" access="Anonymous,Authenticated" />

        <sec:intercept-url pattern="\A/admin.*\Z" access="Admin" />



Unfortunatelly this doesn't work. I tried CDA doQuery and it keeps asking for credentials. Any hint on this?




regards, dejan