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Parsing unstructured street address

Question asked by khaoula ajbal on Jan 23, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2018 by Bill Moore

Hi, i'm using PDI as an ETL tool to my datawarehouse. One dataset contains the address and it has been entered manually, so i have an unstructered string variable with all possible entries.

exemple : 12 , rue ibn rochd, avenue moulay smail, Casablanca


                 barnoussi, bloc 12 imm 5 app 6.

                 12 rue ibn koutaiba, casa.

(note : addresses are in casablanca, morocco)

Is there any way to extract the street and the district from an unstructued address perhaps using NLP?

I was thinking of creating a table (from an open source dataset) with all the street and district names of casablanca  (including short forms)  and then if any word in the the dataset matches with a street/district or its short form it fills this into a new column in the target table.

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