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add angular js as resource in dashboard

Question asked by Raj Karan on Jan 16, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2018 by Andre Jorge

I want to add AngularJS in my dashboard. I am aware that AngularJS is not AMD module so I will have to add it to shim, which I am trying to do.

var requireConfig = requireCfg.config;

if(!requireConfig['amd']) {
requireConfig['amd'] = {};

if(!requireConfig['amd']['shim']) {
requireConfig['amd']['shim'] = {};

requireConfig['amd']['shim']["cde/resources/public/AngularJS in Dashboard/angular.min"] = {
exports: "angular"


    "amd!cde/resources/public/AngularJS in Dashboard/angular.min"
function($, jQuery, angular) {
   console.log(jQuery, angular) 


Dashboard is sitting in public/AngularJS in Dashboard/ directory.

When I runs this I gets timeout error.

Uncaught Error: Load timeout for modules: amd!cde/resources/public/AngularJS in Dashboard/angular.min,cde/resources/public/AngularJS in Dashboard/angular.min
    at C (require.js:8)
    at D (require.js:13)
    at require.js:14


What am I missing?