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HiCommand Cli Certificate issue

Question asked by Mohamed Rehazudeen on Dec 20, 2017
Latest reply on May 2, 2018 by Richard Jushchuk


I am trying to use the HiCommand Cli.

I have update the HiCommand profile with the HCS server url & have downloaded the certificate & have saved it to the HiCommand installation folder. However, when I launch the HiCommand cli with an command it throws the below error.


E:\Program Files\HiCommand\DeviceManager\HiCommandCLI>HiCommandCLI.bat GetStorageArray

Password required; Password:

KAIC90137-E The certificate file ("E:\Program Files\HiCommand\DeviceManager\HiCommandCLI\HiCommandCerts") does not exist in the default path, or the certificate file is invalid.


Can anyone please advise, what am I missing here ?