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Adding totals to stacked bar chart

Question asked by Dean Flinter on Dec 8, 2017
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I asked this on the old forum but thought I would try here also


I was looking at Duarte Leao JSFiddle demo here: and I want to apply it to a horizontal stacked bar chart but I am unable to get it to work


I first started by applying it to a vertical chart as per the demo but even then I am getting an error processing component error.


This is the code I have in Pre Execution in CDE:


function f() {var eps = Dashboards.propertiesArrayToObject(cccOptions.extensionPoints);  

eps.plot_add = function() {

                return new pv.Label()
 .data(function() {
 // A Bar chart's visibleData is grouped 
 // by Category > Series.
 var cccContext = this.getContext();
                        // Return the category Data children.
 return cccContext.panel.visibleData().childNodes;
 .font('bold 12px sans-serif')
 .left(function(catData) {
 // Scales use the keys, not the values.
 return this.getContext()
 .text(function(catData) {
 // Getting the sum of each category is easy.

 // The name of the dimension to which the 
 // "value" visual role is bound.
 var valueDimName = this.getContext()

 // catData's local dimension object
 var valueDim = catData.dimensions(valueDimName);

 // Sum the value dimension over all 
 // Datums in catData.
 var catSum = valueDim.sum();

                        // Now format it with the value 
 // dimension's formatter.
 return valueDim.format(catSum);
cccOptions.extensionPoints = Dashboards.objectToPropertiesArray(eps);



What changes would I need to make it work with a vertical stacked bar chart and if I simply change the orientation option in CDE would it still work?


BTW I am using Pentaho v5.4


Any help is appreciated