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Why is there proprietary code inside open source code in Pentaho Kettle 7.1 ?

Question asked by Yaoxing Li on Dec 1, 2017



I'm wondering why "PENTAHO CORPORATION PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL ..." exists in some source code of Pentaho Kettle. It is Apache v2 licensed, isn't it ?


The propietary code I found:



* Copyright 2002 - 2014 Pentaho Corporation (Pentaho). All rights reserved.
* NOTICE: All information including source code contained herein is, and
* remains the sole property of Pentaho and its licensors. The intellectual
* and technical concepts contained herein are proprietary and confidential
* to, and are trade secrets of Pentaho and may be covered by U.S. and foreign
* patents, or patents in process, and are protected by trade secret and
* copyright laws. The receipt or possession of this source code and/or related
* information does not convey or imply any rights to reproduce, disclose or
* distribute its contents, or to manufacture, use, or sell anything that it
* may describe, in whole or in part. Any reproduction, modification, distribution,
* or public display of this information without the express written authorization
* from Pentaho is strictly prohibited and in violation of applicable laws and
* international treaties. Access to the source code contained herein is strictly
* prohibited to anyone except those individuals and entities who have executed
* confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements or other agreements with Pentaho,
* explicitly covering such access.



The files in following list contains the above prorietary code:


Link to the source code on GitHub:

One example:



I would appreciate it if someone from the dev team can answer me.



Thanks & Regards,

Yaoxing Li