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Karaf errors when trying to run a Spark transformation

Question asked by Cristopher Z on Nov 29, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2018 by Christopher Caspanello

Hello again,

I'm running v8 trying to use Spark as processing engine for my transformations, configured my entire environment and the proper Run Configuration, but when I try to run any transformation the following happens:

Daemon Log

ERROR [KarafCapability] Unknown error installing feature
(...) Error resolving artifact pentaho:pentaho-osgi-config:cfg:pentaho-kerberos: Could not find artifact pentaho:pentaho-osgi-config:cfg:pentaho-kerberos: in karaf-system (file:/tmp/karaf3723118699568323913/system/))

Spoon log also shows:

ERROR [KarafCapabilityProvider] No feature found matching id: pentaho-server


After that the console stalls until a timeout leading to "Error initialing SparkContext" and close/finishes the transaction.


Mind that I'm not using any security methods or authentication, it's just the basic yarn client configuration for the ael-daemon.


I'll attach a screenshot of the logs.