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SNM2 Account Authentication Enable/Disable

Question asked by NCS UNIX on Nov 23, 2017

We have several AMS/HUS arrays that had a varying configuration of the "Account Authentication" license enabled/disabled.


With the Account Authentication Enabled two arrays of the fifteen are limited in management function when using the default "root" account.  When selecting the array to manage in SNM2 the only two functions listed are "Settings -> Licenses" and "Security -> Account Authentication".


All the other arrays with Account Authentication Enabled using user "root" have full functionality.


I have rotated between enabling the account authentication license.

One of the two arrays is an AMS while the other is a HUS.

SNM2 GUI version is 28.3

The arrays firmware version on one of the two share commonality between others.


Any ideas how might try and change this behavior on these two arrays to be like all the others?