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Question asked by Saravanan Ravi on Nov 15, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2017 by Rajesh Kumar

Hi All,

I have a scenario to fetch few records out of multiple records in database.

Source records below pertains to One account holder.

Primary Or SecondaryDuplicate_Account_IDAccount_IDSTART_DATEEND_DATE


Out of these 4 records I have to apply below rules to get only one target record.

1. If Duplicate_Account_ID=Account_ID(then it is PRIMARY record) and if its END_DATE IS NULL then populate that record and look no further.

2. If END_DATE IS NULL in Step 1 , then go to Secondary record where Duplicate_Account_ID<>Account_ID and see if any record has NULL END_DATE. If found then populate that record.

3. If no records found in Step 2, then go back to Primary record and get the record that has the Maximum START_DATE.


I am implementing this in Pentaho and am a newbie in Pentaho. Any help pls.