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Authentication with a REST endpoint / session cookie issue

Question asked by Dane Woodall on Nov 14, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2017 by Kleyson Rios

I'm currently using PDI7 to try to authenticate with a REST endpoint, which creates a JSESSIONID cookie that is used for subsequent requests. The problem I'm having is the PDI REST Client step is not holding onto that cookie for future REST calls, so I'm getting HTTP 401s on any call other than the authentication call. A basic workflow goes like this:


1) Table Input to get a JSON body for step 3

2) REST Client to authenticate against an endpoint, creating the user session / JSESSIONID

3) REST Client to use the JSON body from step 1 to pass to a different endpoint


I get an HTTP 200 "SUCCESS" on step 2, then an HTTP 401 "No user session found" on step 3. Is there any way to utilize user sessions for authentication purposes with the REST Client transformation step? The only documentation I see re: authentication is for plain text authentication.