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HDI Import Tool over Firewall

Question asked by Jay Montana on Oct 30, 2017



I have a lot of experience using the HDI Import tool to migration file shares to HDI.  As part of a acquisition I need to migrate file from Netapp over a firewall.

I am able to access the shares from a Windows Server so I know the account I am using is good.

I opened the standard firewall ports for file servers –

135 through 139 (both TCP and UDP).

SMB port 445

I putty’d into my HDI and am able to telnet to Netapp filer
on 139 and 445.

Does import tool needs Http or https ports open since it is a Web UI?  Ports 80 and 443?


I am getting KAQM37183-E

"The Import-source file server could not be connected because the username or password is invalid, or you do not have the proper access permssisions."


thank you