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Pair status are different between HSN vs CCI

Question asked by didier bournet on Oct 10, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2017 by didier bournet

Hi All,

On VSP, I have one ldev in local replication (Shadow Image), Hitachi Storage Navigator (GUI) show me that pair as "PAIR" status.

If I try to check the same with CCI, the same pair are in "SMPL "status !


[root@lsm2i025 ~]# pairdisplay -g DGRP_SI_HPITT002_HPITT004 -fxdc -CLI -IH450

Group   PairVol L/R  Device_File     Seq# LDEV# P/S Status Fence    % P-LDEV# M

DGRP_SI_HPITT002_HPITT004       97450DEV6008 L   Unknown        97450     8 SMPL     -      -     -     - -

DGRP_SI_HPITT002_HPITT004       97450DEV6008 R   Unknown        97450  6008 SMPL     -      -     -     - -


It is a normal HDS design ?

Thank you for your answer.